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Our Story

PAN DISCOUNT CLUB Is incorporated in 2019 and it is India's One of a Unique Platform with the Vision of Serving People Who are Desperately Looking for Lucrative Discounts on Various Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafe Lounges etc. In this Concept "Pan" Means that our Member will Get Discounts In Pan India Level. After years in the the Marketing Industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average Jane or Joe to have Discount Benefits on Every Pubs, Bars, Cafe, Lounges, Hotels, Restaurants etc. So we Initiated with this New Concept and Tied Up with all Major and Prime Venues for Giving Exclusive Discounts to Our customers.

We created this Website with the user's perspective in mind. We wanted to Provide a Platform that would require no Extra Expertise to ask for Offers Or Scratch Options. We keep it simple, so a Member can Simply Search the Venue and Could Avail the Discounts Showing his/her PDC Membership Card Without Any Limitation of Daily Transactions or Billing Restrictions. So this is "One Card Many Benefits".

We have developed one of the only fully-featured, Membership Portal allowing customers to Take Membership of Pandiscount Club and Have Exclusive Discounts.

Today, we're proud to Introduce Our Members this Vary Own Concept Which Everyone deserves.